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What is XCHAIN?

The emergence of XCHAIN could represent a turning point in the realization of X project. XCHAIN is more than a single name and a blockchain. On the contrary, it is the strings of love and passion of a group of programmers who weave these strings into the X smart chain.

4 : Etymology

We have thought long and hard about our blockchain, XCHAIN. We had to choose a universally applicable phenomenon.

6 : symbol 'X'

In mathematics, 'X' is a basic arithmetic operation. We wanted to prove its ever-growing significance. We have also been unable to find a term to make people aware of the importance of our technology.

9 : 'X' Chain

Without name and secret logic in mind, we decided again on the symbol 'X'. The name of our blockchain has been written in literature as 'X' Chain.


We think you've heard of XCHAIN before. Several blockchains with the same name have been created, but they haven't made much progress. Only Avalanches x-chain has been able to continue working in its yard because of the strength of its network and EVM infrastructure, as well as the AVAX token. This is the default asset blockchain on Avalanche and enables the creation of new assets, the exchange of assets, and cross-subnet transfers.

But our XCHAIN is different, it's your XCHAIN, of course!

The X network of INTD coin is a separate and flexible network, and is not based on EVM. Blockchain X is actually a type of advanced distributed ledger, capable of adapting to other blockchains.

X infrastructure is the technology of the future. Coins and tokens minted in it will be incredibly popular due to the very high processing speed, the lack of network difficulty, the significant reduction of pressure on miners, very low-energy consumption, and, as a result, the reduction of network wages.

Because transactions will be done within 0.8 seconds and with a fee of 0.00649.

X supports both Sidechain and Rollup. In addition to the 

Rollup function, transactions are processed as a group instead of individually, and then each group of these transactions is sent to the main chain of the network.

X aggregation solutions include: Optimistic, Plasma, Validium and ZK roll ups.

The main difference between these solutions is in the type of grouping of transactions and how to confirm them, but X's switchable nature makes it possible to use the mentioned cumulative solutions intelligently and momentarily when the network speed drops or causes difficulty in it.

To increase the speed of transactions to an incredible number under 1 second with a thousandth percent fee.

X consists of 8 layers. Each layer has its responsibility. In addition to the 8 main layers, 2 secondary and reserve layers are ready to be implemented as a support force with a flexible function.

3 common layers are:

Mandatory Execution Layer, Security Layer, Constellation Layer. At the beginning of X, you will get acquainted with the next layers. You will get to know the next layers at the X start.

X will be used in daily life a lot:

Payments, lending platforms, games, decentralized exchanges, Non-fungible tokens, Commit Chain scalability technology and…

X will be used in daily life a lot:

Payments, lending platforms, games, decentralized exchanges, Non-fungible tokens, Commit Chain scalability technology and…

Blockchain X employs state-of-the-art technologies developed in-house to enable rapid deployment on the blockchain. It also allows users to quickly build a blockchain application and benefit from the technology in any legally permitted form.

Our core values

The INTD team is guided by our core set of values, which underpin every decision we make and how we conduct ourselves as an international company.

We take our responsibility seriously to ensure that our values are the compass of everything we do, and we act accordingly at all times.

We also value our investors because they are part of the core and the companies' priority is to create value for the coin buyer.

Our trust is our credit, and our credit is our greatest capital.


Products that extend from XCHAIN

INTDPAY:  Is an innovative technology that includes a set of solutions that optimize the flow of cash between users. It allows customers to purchase goods or services hastily, while ensuring full and prompt payment to the businesses that sell them. It also allows businesses to extend their payment terms to their suppliers, while simultaneously allowing their large and small and medium-sized suppliers to receive payment incredibly quickly. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest growing industries today.


INTD DEX powered by X

It is a fast and cheap decentralized exchange with the XCHAIN. INTD Swap is an alternative to other DEX platforms on similar blockchains. 

AUDIT Solutions, with help from Leaderboard, is responsible for keeping the blockchain safe.

INTD Audit uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and a manual code review to protect smart contracts.

XCHAIN provides highly usable and extensible infrastructure platforms for its blockchain applications. BlockchainX platforms are open to all developers and anyone can publish their applications. People can realize their business ideas on BlockchainX.

In the initial phase, INTD will focus on the main application presented above to expand the market, Namely, the decentralized asset transaction application INTDPAY. Subsequently, it will gradually enhance and complement the blockchain applications of the upper layer. X provides suitable development platforms for different systems and users, in addition to the development of user terminals. We will continue to develop and provide mobile terminal services, including mobile wallet and mobile smart contract applications. The actual realization of a mobile terminal service can change the current APP markets and business models, as well as benefit a larger population of internet users.

Market analysis

X knows that there are many blockchains in the current market and the main competitors are only the blockchains with the best performance.

TPS rate of, 87,000 is unmatched until the date. For clarification, blockchains with similar structures use average and peak transaction processing speeds, and likely use the latter to improve their performance, even though peak performance is rarely relevant. We are pleased to announce an average performance of 87,000 transactions per second, which puts us ahead of the other blockchain solutions in production today.

The main purpose of the XCHAIN community governance structure is to make the XCHAIN platform stable, make strategy making, management, risk control, and the operation of the platform and economy work well.

We believe that decentralization at the initial stage of the project may bring fairness, but is more likely to be inefficient than a distributed social system.

Therefore, the main idea of the X team is to integrate the concept into the management structure of the central government, including the highest strategic decision-making authority.

The committee is focused on the main issues of the centralized procedure designed to improve the efficiency of the whole operation of the community until the blockchain becomes self-sustaining.

The X team plans for the project to evolve organically.

Target market / customers

INTDESTCOIN has an international focus, with a special focus on the blockchain technology and financial trading (fintech) markets.

The target audience is investors and traders who are looking for a simple yet highly professional trading platform and who value XCHAIN ideals in the industry.

Intrinsic value of the project

The mechanism of the system are set up in a way that there are many effects for a rise or fall in material value. We hope that as the number of transactions increases, we will see more use of the coin and more demand.

With this kind of help, the coin should be able to speed up its adoption along with its use in crypto transactions.

The project should also be able to achieve its objective of, self-sustainability thanks to the blockchain.

With this kind of help, the project should be able to reach its true intrinsic value.

With more businesses using the coin on the platform, we can reduce the risk of the price going down against the dollar for all holders. This makes it more comfortable to think that the digital currency won't drop in price once it's set on the exchanges. It sets the investment standard for traders to know that once ownership increases and the project grows, it will be possible to reach certain support levels. We ask the reader to look into our project and decide if they want to invest in it.

Because the INTD mutation, will be very wonderful and great.



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